If I told you there was something that was completely under your control which would help create changes in your life, would you believe me?   This one thing applies to everyone, no matter your background, no matter your social class, no matter your past, no matter your current physical shape–anyone can benefit from mastering this one important factor.

It can change your life.

For those of us living in the western world, we tend to forget the incredible opportunities that we have.  We have security, ample food and the ability to make choices.

In fact, 99% of what happens to us come from some kind of decision we’ve made. The power to choose allows us to live in ways other people in the world can only dream of living.  

Yet, we fall prey to the media, to negative people’s comments, to general procrastination, and worst of all to the tiny voices in our heads telling us things such as:

“It’s too hard.”

“Why bother, it will take too long.”

“Everyone is doing it this way, and I don’t want to be looked down upon.”

“It’s not worth it.”

Sometimes this happens subconsciously.

I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.  I’ve seen numerous clients transform their lives over the years.  It works for me to It’s worth it to establish this one powerful factor in your life.  

What is this amazing thing that can prevent a life of mediocrity?

The Discipline Factor.  

Now, give me a few seconds and I’ll explain how important this is for you.   Some of you may be thinking, “Oh please, I know what discipline is, this is nothing new.”  

Ofcourse, everyone knows what it is, but many of us tend to forget the powerful effect it can have in our lives.

And it’s a total game changer. The only issue is that I can’t force this upon you.  You have to do it yourself, but the good news is that you’re in complete control of it and it’s totally feasible.  

In the words of Daniel Akst:  “A little self-mastery can improve the quality of your life as well as the quantity.  If you are a man, it can preserve your marriage…if you’re a student, it can lead to higher lifelong earnings…Self control is associated with more education, less violence, lower alcohol and drug abuse, higher earnings, and an optimistic outlook.”

In fitness, self-mastery can mean a more energized, more clear minded, leaner, healthier and overall happier person physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our distant ancestors were perhaps living in fear on a day to day basis.  Fear of not finding food or worst yet fear of becoming food.

The good news is that survival is no longer the issue. Most of us workday folks do not face a real serious mortal threat on a day-to-day basis as we go from home to work to wherever.   

The bad news happens when, in our democracy of excess, we have lost our self discipline and self control.  And the ability to control our impulses, to exercise self discipline, has far more to do with our health and life than just resisting that third piece of double chocolate brownie (although that could be part of it).

Think back for a second when you were a kid.   Most of us had parents or guardians who kept you from eating endless amounts of candy,  staying out in the street late at night and keeping you on track in school.  Discipline is non existent in the minds of children and must be embedded there somehow, often (although sometimes not as often as needed) by parents.

If you’re a parent, maybe you can relate.  Disciplining your child can be one of the most exhausting tasks of any parent, yet it must be done.

Then you go off to college and realize that the world is yours.  You can eat whatever, whenever and how ever much you want.   You can party all night and drink more than an Irish sailor.   

Discipline for some is lost and unfortunately never regained.   

After college, you get a full time job and then the job becomes your life.  Excuses for not working out or not eating healthy takes precedent over any kind of discipline that your parents may have taught you.  You find yourself drinking more often and eating the foods you want to eat simply because, “it was a rough day”.

Now ask yourself: “Do I have discipline in my life?”  This refers to:

  •      The foods you eat
  •      The amount of TV you watch
  •      The amount of exercise you do
  •      The amount of quality time you spend with loved ones
  •      The amount of sleep you get
  •      The amount of down time you have for yourself to rejuvenate

What if I told you that self discipline was the key to success in your fitness, nutrition, work, relationships and overall well-being?  

Self discipline also allows us to be far more efficient with our time while creating the life we want.  This ultimately helps us find more time to spend it on people or activities we love.

Sync discipline with the practice of developing healthy micro habits, and that’s where the magic happens!

Don’t compare your life to others.  Look at yourself right here, right now.  Make the decision to change, to adapt to healthier living and eating choices and those choices will turn into actions, actions will turn into habits and habits will turn into lifestyle.   

Let’s get the momentum going right now.  Let’s start today. I challenge you to establish one element of self discipline this week.  It can be dropping sweets after 8:00 PM, getting up before work for a 15 minute walk, doing 10 pushups before showering every night.  

Start small and build momentum.  Momentum creates motivation.
If you struggle with willpower and self control, here are 3 behavioral shifts to improve those things.