It’s easy to get up each day and crank out our daily to do’s. Most of our daily habits become second nature and before we know it, our lives have turned stagnant and monotonous. I’ve fallen into this trap many times and it’s only been through reading and applying new methods that I’ve been able to create positive changes.

We mostly react to things that come our way, and whatever habits we have seem to happen automatically and subconsciously.

We may even find ourselves asking the question, “What is the significance of my life, my work and my relationships?”

It may not happen in those exact words, but you know what I mean. It’s easy to find ourselves on that road of mediocrity.

That’s ok.

When those times arise, it’s important to sit back and reflect on what’s going on. Getting an overall perspective can be extremely healthy.

Here are five ways to boost your spirits and add some meaning to your life:

1.) Feed and Strengthen the Mind. There is nothing more powerful than a fit mindset. Learning psychology and ways to control your emotions have a powerful effect on your life. Remember that belief is what dictates your thoughts and emotions; which then dictates the way you communicate to yourself and others. Those things lead to the actions you take and the habits you develop.

Stand guard at the door of your mind.

Avoid crap TV, nonsense news, gossip radio and other images/words/people that poison your mind. You give meaning to what you bring into your mind. What you focus on expands! Read books. Find some silent moments in your day.

Develop a morning power hour that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

2.) Feed and Strengthen the Body. Fear is physical. Fear creates stress which we all experience. Eating well and adding a regular workout regimen can add rich dividends to your health in the long run. It will help you handle stress far more effectively, which will help decrease your fears.

You’ll also experience mental clarity, higher energy, better sleep, healthier relationships and of course, a much healthier body to take you long into your later years.
3.) Find a Role Model. You don’t have to do this life thing on your own. Successful people model other successful people. Whether it’s for work, a sport, a hobby or even in being a better spouse–find people who have done those roles well and model after them.

Our sense of insignificance and self doubts are often caused because we tend to stay in our bubble. Put perspective on things and zoom out! Take a look at history. How many failures have turned to success? (Read up on: The Beatles, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, JK Rowling, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates for some motivation)

4.) Make a Plan and Take Massive Action. Momentum creates motivation. It doesn’t work if you’re sitting and waiting for things to happen. Have you ever gone out for a short walk, only to find yourself motivated to go a little longer. Maybe you’ve started working on the yard just to mow the law, but found yourself tackling other projects.

That initial momentum is key–once you get going, motivation naturally happens. Don’t over think things either.

If you have a product you’d like to launch, get it done and just do it! It doesn’t have to perfect. How many companies start with a product, then start releasing their 2.0 version, 3.0, etc.? If something doesn’t work, change your approach. Don’t follow through with the same actions and habits that didn’t work the first time. This goes for anything including nutrition and exercise.

5.) Feed Your Spirit. Being in a state of gratitude is life changing. As cheesy as this sounds, gratitude is one of the most studied emotions in the field of positive psychology. And the research points to profound outcomes.

Another well researched activity is meditation. You don’t have to be Buddhist or religious to do this, just find a quiet spot and focus on your breathing. Try to find the “gap” which is the area between your thoughts. Initially this will be hard, but start slow. Two minutes will do it. Build up from there.

The key to living is giving. Nobody ever feels bad about giving to charity or someone in need. Whether it is via money, time or love…the ability to give enhances the life of the giver just as much (sometimes more) than the receiver.

Motive does matter. Stop thinking about just you–do something bigger than yourself. This has an incredible effect in controlling our anxieties. Finally, search for fulfillment. As Tony Robbins said: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” It’s important to keep that in check as we grind away at our work daily.