It all started with an interest for sports as a child.  Naturally the fitness field was a “fit” for me when I chose what to pursue as a career after College.  I spent the last 15 years studying, analyzing, testing and obsessing over body mechanics and ways to get the body trimmed, toned, tight, buff, slim and all those others physical desires that attract people to the fitness world.

I set out to complete a bachelor’s in exercise science, a master’s in health and nutrition education, and several personal training certifications.  While those accolades helped me go from working at LA Fitness in Florida to opening my dream fitness studio in California, I realized that there was a huge missing component in the fitness field, both in the educational sector and the professional side of the business.


Although the esthetic desire to be slim and fit dominates the fitness industry, I noticed that most people looking for a fitness program also had much deeper needs.  I noticed that the mental fortitude and emotional stability were two crucial elements in developing not only a sustainable fitness plan, but also a more balanced and healthier life.

I’ve seen this over and over again with several clients. The ones that could stick it out and achieve their goals usually had far more emotionally compelling reasons to train, while the one’s that dropped out or struggled to stay consistent had their focus on less emotionally compelling reasons such as losing weight to go on a cruise.

I also noticed the incredible success surrounding some of my clients in Silicon Valley–from early investor of big name companies to running a billion dollar businesses.  I started taking notice and asking them how they went about their days.  What were their habits? What was their mindset? How did they deal with challenges?  How were they different from the rest in their approach to life?

I combined the answers to these questions and more to the lessons I’ve been collecting from other successful individuals via books, articles, podcasts and seminars.

Ultimately that inspired me to start this blog.

The past couple years, I decided to dig a little deeper and learn everything that I could in psychology and self development. This healthy obsession led me to my challenge of reading 60 self improvement books in one year.


Yes, it did change my life and continues to do so as I learned more about ways to develop the best version of myself.  I’ve been able to combine this new passion with my original passion for fitness.

My mission with this blog is to help individuals find clarity towards a healthier life, one that begins with the re-conditioning of the mindset.  It’s the first step in establishing healthier relationships, more meaningful work, happier home life, fitter body and true purpose in your life.

Much of the writing I do here are my own opinions. If you find value, I’m delighted.  You may not like everything and not everything may apply to you.  That’s ok too.  The point is to find the good, take action and create a life that develops the best version of yourself.


All the best,
Kendrick Ribeiro


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